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Terms and Conditions

White Star Limousines want you to enjoy your experience with us and we want to take great pleasure in looking after you. However we need to look after our vehicles so that we can always be proud to hire them out to our next client. Our terms and conditions have been designed to reflect this view.

  1. All bookings are confirmed by a non-refundable deposit. This must be paid within 14 days of initial booking, unless it is a late booking or otherwise agreed by Management
  2. In the event of cancellation by the hirer, in writing, less than 14 days before the hire date the full payment will be due. Should cancellation be made with more than 14 days notice for a good reason we shall do our best to work with you to reach an equitable solution.
  3. The full amount must be made either 7 days before the date of booking or given to the chauffeur in cash upon arrival. If full payment has not been made we reserve the right not to carry out the booking.
  4. Any damage to the vehicle, including sickness, will incur a minimum standard fee of £100.00 by the person making the booking. If the cost to repair the damage is above this amount you will be liable to pay the actual cost of the repair.
  5. Any damage caused by a third party due to incitement by either you or your guests will be charged to the person making the booking.
  6. Broken glasses will be charged at £5.00 each and decanters at £25.00 each.
  7. No smoking will be permitted in the vehicle at any time
  8. No standing on the seats.
  9. No food or chewing gum allowed in the vehicle.
  10. We always allow plenty of time to reach each pick-up point but we cannot be held responsible for delays to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams or extreme weather conditions. Needless to say, we shall make every effort to get you to your venue on time. In the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown we shall provide replacement transport but cannot be held liable for any consequential losses as a result.
  11. The narrowness and unsuitability of some roads can be a hazzard for limousines. In addition we are constantly faced with city road and parking restrictions. This means that we cannot always pick up and drop off exactly where our clients require so we would ask that you are reasonable and understanding in these circumstances. We shall of course endeavour to do our best at all times to keep any inconvenience or disruption to your party to an absolute minimum.
  12. Aggressive or abusive behaviour towards our chauffeurs will not be tolerated. Consistent misbehaviour will result in termination of the contract and no refund will be paid.
  13. Personal property is carried at your own risk and we cannot accept responsibility for items left in a vehicle. Your party are advised to check that all personal belongings have been accounted for before you vacate your vehicle. The chauffeur will check the vehicle at the end of the hire and any items left will be returned as soon as possible.